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Welcome to KBAM! Kevin Bruce Arts Management. When I’m not out riding my bike, there’s nothing I enjoy more than indulging my other passion: attending live performances. I never tire of watching the dialogue between artist and audience. It’s really just a conversation, isn’t it? The artists ask a question and the audience responds. The beauty of this dialogue is that it never results in answers, but merely helps us shape our questions.

I’m proud to bring you a selection of artists whose work I am in love with. Every one of them has inspired me — made me laugh, cry, aroused my intellectual curiosity, or filled me with the overwhelming humility of my own humanity. I heartily recommend them to you, and will stake my reputation on your total satisfaction and delight.

What binds together all KBAM! artists is their enthusiasm for young audiences. Many of them have successful careers performing for adults but they still rouse themselves for 9 a.m. gigs in front of an audience of school children.

These artists care deeply about touching the hearts and minds of the very young, developing audiences of the future, opening a world of possibilities, and engaging the young in that dialogue that goes beyond the rational and reaches into the soul.

It is an honour for me to bring you these artists. Enjoy!

Kevin Bruce