Quest Theatre

We Are All Treaty People

For over thirty years, Calgary’s Quest Theatre has been nurturing young people through exceptional adventures in theatre. In We Are All Treaty People, indigenous and non-Indigenous artists tell the story of the shared history of our land.  This full-day theatrical adventure includes a song circle for kindergarten, As Long as the Sun Shines – a light and shadow play for grades 1-3, a full-length play for grades 4-7, and a Round Dance for all. We Are All Treaty People promotes healing and inspires positive relationships across cultures and generations. K-7


Feedback from Alberta Tour in spring of 2017: “Truly a spectacular day. The content was wonderful, important, and it sparked meaningful conversation afterwards.”

Synopsis (for grades 4-7) It is the first day of grade six for two young girls. Alanna, a girl from Tsuu t’ina, is new to the school and wonders why a certain white girl keeps staring at her. Maya is curious because she has never met a First Nations person.  They want to be friends.  A Trickster arrives and opens her knowledge bundle to reveal the shared history of the land of their ancestors, the spirit and intent of Treaty 7, the miscommunications involved, the intent of the Colonials and the subsequent and ongoing challenges for First Nations people.  Once they know their shared history, is it even possible for them to be friends?


“The performances were wonderful. Impacting stories told in an engaging way. Fascinating use of props and the backdrop. Moving representation of the tough issues indigenous people have dealt with throughout history.”