Rainbow Dance Theatre


Dancing light! In this interactive performance, students get to see three dances featuring electronic costumes, props and puppets. The light wire technology not only enchants students with professional dance, it gets them excited about the “technology” component of STEM learning. The dance artists reveal how they use the STEM engineering design process to create innovative new technologies in dance art, such as wearable electronic costumes and electronic puppets. Students participate in demonstrations of how engineering design and coding are used to create dances, and selected students are invited up to create their own “ilumidance” with a five-foot-tall light wire puppet. K–12
 “It is never easy to capture the attention of a group of teens, especially a large group.  Our students were delighted with the performance, loved the participation factor and learned a thing or two as well.  Needless to say, the performers were truly amazing, and likeable.  I think we are all inspired to move, dance and enjoy the music of life as we do so.” Springvalley Middle School, Kelowna, BC
“They were a great group of performers!” Gilmore Elementary, Richmond, BC