Rainbow Dance Theatre

The Roots of Hip Hop

The Roots of Hip Hop takes students on a high-energy adventure in cultural history, tracing the popular African-American dance style hip-hop back to its roots. The program begins with a new dance featuring the latest hip-hop and break-dance steps. Then, performing traditional West African dances and using authentic African instruments and costumes along with audience participation and vignettes such as “hamboning” and “voguing,” they recount the journey of African-Americans from their homes in Africa though slavery to the present.  K–12
 “It is never easy to capture the attention of a group of teens, especially a large group.  Our students were delighted with the performance, loved the participation factor and learned a thing or two as well.  Needless to say, the performers were truly amazing, and likeable.  I think we are all inspired to move, dance and enjoy the music of life as we do so.” Springvalley Middle School, Kelowna, BC
“They were a great group of performers!” Gilmore Elementary, Richmond, BC