K–12 Performances

Paul Silveria

Square Dance Paul

Learn to Square Dance!

Since 2002, Paul Silveria has been calling traditional square dances at festivals, community centres, schools, and other west coast venues. He gets beginners up dancing in minutes by teaching dances right on the floor. His calls are energetic, ranging from simple to elaborate — a perfect match for any age or grade level. For an additional fee, live musicians can provide accompaniment for a one-hour old-fashioned barn dance right in your school gymnasium. K–12

“Paul was just great. Every teacher and class enjoyed their period. Teachers were in the gym thanking him after school. He instructed as well as called and paced the levels well for age and ability and everyone met with a high degree of success.” Boundary Community Elementary, North Vancouver
“We all loved the sessions! Paul was really terrific with all age groups. Many teachers would like to have him again next year.”  Quilchena Elementary, Vancouver

Jacky Essombe

African Dance Workshop

Travel to the depths of Africa with professional dancer Jacky Essombe in this day-long workshop. Accompanied by a live drummer, Jacky celebrates the richness and community spirit of African culture using easy-to-follow African dance steps, traditional songs and storytelling. This social, stimulating, and bonding shared experience allows students to interact in a playful and focused way, building important developmental skills and a love for creativity. Available in English, French, and bilingual. K–12

 “We all loved her and Yoro. It was great how she tailored each workshop to the needs of the kids in front of her. She taught
different songs and dances to difference groups. She’s got a lovely way with her students.” Blakeburn Elementary, Port Coquitlam, BC

Flyin' Bob Circus Workshop

Flyin’ Bob

Circus Skills Workshop

This one-day circus workshop includes an introduction to juggling (balls and scarves), hand balancing (plate spinning, feather balancing), and foot balancing (wire walking, rola bola). Each class participates in one hands-on workshop session of about 60 minutes. An average day of 4 to 5 sessions introduces circus skills to as many as 150 students. Flyin’ Bob starts or ends the day with a 30-minute comedy circus performance. K–12
“I have been teaching since 1988 and NEVER have I attended such an outstanding performance that not only kept us all entertained, but sent a hugely impacting message to every person in our gymnasium.” Gordon Terrace Elementary, Cranbrook, BC
“At the beginning of the workshop kids were hesitant, but with Flyin’s Bob’s help it was amazing to see how brave and confident the children had become!” Family and Community Support Services, Rocky View, AB


Speed Control

Speed Control

Rock and Roll: Canada vs. The World

Some of the most innovative music in the world has come from Canadian musicians. Follow Speed Control through the last 50 years of famous Canadian artists and how their music affected others of both their own generation and those to come. From Paul Anka  to the Barenaked Ladies, young audiences will learn how Canada has become a major force in popular music in this smart, humorous, and exciting show! K–12
“The spirit of the band and the connection to all of our students was incredible. I have already recommended them to other Principals in our area of the city.” Roland Michener Elementary, Calgary, AB
“High energy, humorous show that kept students entertained and engaged.” Mount Boucherie Secondary, Kelowna, BC


Beatboxing String Trio

Infinitus has captivated over 500 schools in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario with their polished, upbeat introduction to instrumental music. This dynamic trio engages every audience member with music ranging from familiar classics to classic rock, and from TV theme songs to hip-hop beatboxing. Drawing on their vast repertoire, the group tailors each performance to the age range of their audience while engaging students with their easygoing stage presence. K–12
“Infinitus was absolutely amazing! They were fully engaging while educating the students about the instruments they play. Will be highly recommending them to my colleagues.” West Langley Elementary
“Anthony, Alex and John engaged, instructed, inspired, moved and entertained every member of the audience. I would highly recommend Infinitus to any school.” Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary, St. Albert, AB

Flyin Bob

Flyin’ Bob

Be The Circus!

From balancing a stack of chairs on his chin to a spectacular and nearly disastrous high-wire walk, Flyin’ Bob takes audiences on a 50-minute search for balance. Through juggling, clowning, unicycling, acrobatics, wire walking, audience participation, comedy, and character, Be The Circus! stresses the importance of physical activity, concentration, peer support, taking chances, community, and the value of failure as well as success. K–12
“I have been teaching since 1988 and NEVER have I attended such an outstanding performance that not only kept us all entertained, but sent a hugely impacting message to every person in our gymnasium.” Gordon Terrace Elementary, Cranbrook, BC
“Flying Bob was one of the best entertainers we have ever seen. We highly recommend him to everyone. Students and staff were unanimous in their praise.” Mountain View Elementary, Nanaimo, BC

Worlds of Puppets


Metamorphosis features a collection of hilarious scenarios and imaginative vignettes performed by a cast of intricate, hand-carved marionettes and sometimes just a silk scarf and the hands of the puppeteer. Figura Theater of Iceland is the creation of Bernd Ogrodnik, who long served as Master Puppeteer for the country’s National Theater, and is founder and Artistic Director of the Icelandic Center for Puppetry Arts. K–12