Music Performances

Speed Control

Speed Control

Rock and Roll: Canada vs. The World

Some of the most innovative music in the world has come from Canadian musicians. Follow Speed Control through the last 50 years of famous Canadian artists and how their music affected others of both their own generation and those to come. From Paul Anka  to the Barenaked Ladies, young audiences will learn how Canada has become a major force in popular music in this smart, humorous, and exciting show! K–12
“The spirit of the band and the connection to all of our students was incredible. I have already recommended them to other Principals in our area of the city.” Roland Michener Elementary, Calgary, AB
“High energy, humorous show that kept students entertained and engaged.” Mount Boucherie Secondary, Kelowna, BC


Beatboxing String Trio

Infinitus has captivated over 500 schools in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario with their polished, upbeat introduction to instrumental music. This dynamic trio engages every audience member with music ranging from familiar classics to classic rock, and from TV theme songs to hip-hop beatboxing. Drawing on their vast repertoire, the group tailors each performance to the age range of their audience while engaging students with their easygoing stage presence. K–12
“Infinitus was absolutely amazing! They were fully engaging while educating the students about the instruments they play. Will be highly recommending them to my colleagues.” West Langley Elementary
“Anthony, Alex and John engaged, instructed, inspired, moved and entertained every member of the audience. I would highly recommend Infinitus to any school.” Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary, St. Albert, AB