Workshops Performances

Jacky Essombe

African Dance Workshop

Travel to the depths of Africa with professional dancer Jacky Essombe in this day-long workshop. Accompanied by a live drummer, Jacky celebrates the richness and community spirit of African culture using easy-to-follow African dance steps, traditional songs and storytelling. This social, stimulating, and bonding shared experience allows students to interact in a playful and focused way, building important developmental skills and a love for creativity. Available in English, French, and bilingual. K–12

 “We all loved her and Yoro. It was great how she tailored each workshop to the needs of the kids in front of her. She taught
different songs and dances to difference groups. She’s got a lovely way with her students.” Blakeburn Elementary, Port Coquitlam, BC

Flyin' Bob Circus Workshop

Flyin’ Bob

Circus Skills Workshop

This one-day circus workshop includes an introduction to juggling (balls and scarves), hand balancing (plate spinning, feather balancing), and foot balancing (wire walking, rola bola). Each class participates in one hands-on workshop session of about 60 minutes. An average day of 4 to 5 sessions introduces circus skills to as many as 150 students. Flyin’ Bob starts or ends the day with a 30-minute comedy circus performance. K–12
“I have been teaching since 1988 and NEVER have I attended such an outstanding performance that not only kept us all entertained, but sent a hugely impacting message to every person in our gymnasium.” Gordon Terrace Elementary, Cranbrook, BC
“At the beginning of the workshop kids were hesitant, but with Flyin’s Bob’s help it was amazing to see how brave and confident the children had become!” Family and Community Support Services, Rocky View, AB